CONCOURS EUROPAN 10 à La Chaux-de-Fonds

Année : 2010

Our idea is to create clear and direct connexions, crossing the site from East to West and from North to South, bringing new lifeblood to the entire area. The main concept is to create different public spaces at the meeting of the two axes, in correspondence with the new train station and the new residential and urban intensity. The train and the station are clearly visible, and become a landmark that signs the beginning of the city. The arrival by train is a strong experience, on a place where people, life and natural landscape meet in the urban scene.

A pedestrian access is created in the continuity of the Rue de la Pâquerette, to connect the public services available in the quarter of La Charrière. The street of Cornes-Morel is prolonged to reach the Eastern part of the historical chessboard structure of the city. The green area above the railway is enhanced by the upper horizontal line defined by the ensemble of the Cornes-Morel. Two new buildings complete the system of the Arêtes and the ground becomes an open park, crossed by pedestrians and bike lanes of low steepness.

Many different typologies are possible. The stairway, that is also a balcony for the upper levels, permits to compose with a great freedom the number and size of apartments on each building, so that a great variety of age, family and social situations will mix up in the neighborhood.